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[Test] 5 Signs of Online Job Scams Every Job Applicant Needs to Know, as Told by M’sian Recruiters

[Test] 5 Signs Of Online Job Scams Every Job Applicant Needs To Know, As Told By M’Sian Recruiters - World Of Buzz 3

Did you know that Malaysia is the most vulnerable country to online scams in the region? This finding was based on a survey which also cited that work-from-home frauds topped the list of online scams in the country.  In fact, many of these job ads can be found on social media from time to time.

Well, we recently got a few Malaysian recruiters to share some common signs of online job scams. So, if you’re unemployed or looking for a new job, here are 5 things you should be on the lookout for when you’re job hunting.


1. An ad that seems too good to be true

[Test] X Signs Of Online Job Scams Every Job Applicant Need To Know, As Told By M’Sian Recruiters - World Of Buzz 3

This is probably the first and most obvious sign of a scam. As the saying goes, nothing good in life comes easy — so does getting a high paying job. One common example of a job scam is a work-from-home data entry typist position.

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • The convenience of working from home or anywhere with WiFi.
  • Flexible hours/ work at your own pace.
  • A super easy job with little effort required.
  • A ridiculously high paying salary which requires little to no qualification or experience.
  • The interview is done over the phone or instant messaging and you’re accepted immediately.


2. When a company asks you to pay an application processing fee 

If you’ve ever been asked to pay a “processing” or “registration” fee when you apply for a position, chances are it’s a scam. In fact, some scammers even offer services to “improve” your résumé, making it a prerequisite for an interview. While this may seem like an obvious scam to many, it is actually pretty common to hear stories of Malaysians falling prey to some considering that the charges are usually only about RM50-RM100. Hence, many desperate job seekers would go against their better judgment and fork out the money for the sake of landing the job.

In fact, Ponzi scheme-like scams commonly operate this way whereby details of the job will only be given to the candidate after payment has been made.


3. When they give you vague answers about the company

[Test] 5 Signs Of Online Job Scams Every Job Applicant Need To Know, As Told By M’Sian Recruiters - World Of Buzz 2

Source: mun hui yeo

Another telltale sign of an online job scam is when there’s little to no description of the company in the ad. Even basic information such as the company’s address is intentionally omitted by the scammers. If you’ve ever encountered an ad such as this, an effective way of sniffing out whether or not it’s fake is by asking questions related to the company. And if you receive plenty of unsatisfactory answers in return or if they seem hesitant to provide you with detailed answers, it’s a good reason to be wary.

What you can do:

  • Ask where the office is located.
  • Determine what the business registration number is.
  • Do a background check of the company online.
  • Communicate directly through a company related email account, not a personal one.


4. Receiving emails from non-company related accounts 

Almost no reputable company will contact candidates using a personal email account. Hence, it’s always wise to only trust emails you receive which include the company’s address and phone number. Some scammers even create fake email accounts which closely resemble real ones from actual companies. For example, WORLD OF BUZZ’s official email address for careers is [email protected], but a fake one might read; [email protected]influ-asia.com. Notice the difference? Thus, it’s a good idea to search up the email address and see if anyone has reported the company before.

Here are some common excuses scammers use for not using a company related account:

  • The company’s servers are down.
  • The company is facing issues with spam mail in its official account.
  • An email account hasn’t been set up yet as the company is still new.


5. Overseas job vacancies that are sent through instant messaging apps

[Test] X Signs Of Online Job Scams Every Job Applicant Need To Know, As Told By M’Sian Recruiters - World Of Buzz 2

Source: randstad

Most of these job ads are often posted and sent across through instant messaging apps such as WeChat and WhatsApp. Sure, these ads may seem dodgy at a glance, but it’s actually pretty common for Malaysians to fall prey to these scams considering that most of them promise high-paying salaries and the opportunity of working overseas. In fact, just recently the New Straits Times reported 47 Malaysians were detained in Cambodia after being duped by a job agency syndicate. Cases such as this only go to show how important it is to be extra vigilant when accepting job offers. Better safe than sorry, okay!

Here are some benefits which are commonly promised:

  • Hassle-free application.
  • Free accommodation upon arrival.
  • High salaries.
  • Fully-paid flight tickets.

At the same time, it’s worth noting that some genuine SMEs contact candidates through instant messaging apps. When in doubt, it’s best to verify if a job opening you receive through instant messaging apps is genuine by checking if the contact truly is a representative from a particular SME.

Getting a job plays a major role in our adult lives. However, we should also be cautious of scams and the danger they pose. Well, if you’re currently job hunting and would like to know more about how to be more aware of fraudulent job ads, here’s a useful guideline and tips to get you started.

Alternatively, one good way of not falling for these job scams is by searching for a job on JobStreet as the platform is trusted by hirers and job seekers alike with over 90 thousand hirers and 4.4 million job seekers on the platform. Wow! that’s a lot

What’s great about the platform is that it helps job seekers identify a job that’s right for them more effectively utilizing the new and enhanced AI algorithm, LiNa Job alerts!

This innovative technology by JobStreet helps job seekers by alerting them on openings in their preferred industry including ones that match their skill set — by detecting users’ search behaviours and job preferences. Be sure you update your profile regularly to continue receiving alerts from LiNa yea! 

Here are more reasons to consider JobStreet as your career partner:

  • Features such as the SiVa recruitment centre are in place to help hirers make quicker hiring decisions by ranking the most suitable candidate for them based on candidates’ answers on screening questions. More information on this here.
  • This ultimately allows candidates to stand out in applications and receive quicker feedback from hirers.
  • Job seekers are 4 times more likely in landing a job through them. Not to mention, they also have the largest and most relevant job opportunities in Malaysia!

Whether you are looking to apply for a job that you love or finding the right talents for your company by partnering with JobStreet, it can all be done on the platform.

What are some of your experiences with job scams though? Have you personally encountered any before? Share them with us in the comments section so other readers can be more aware as well!

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