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[TEST] 5 Reasons M’sians Would Have A More Memorable NYE At Home This Year

December is always an exciting time of the year when we all plan holidays and celebrations before kick-starting the new year. For most Malaysians, getting through an entire year of hard work calls for a well-deserved break.

Unfortunately this year, we don’t have a lot of options since most people are still wary of big gatherings and we aren’t able to travel overseas either. But there’s still a lot you can do right at home, and we can tell that some of you might have a better time spending new year’s eve from home this year. Here’s why:

1. You won’t have to deal with crazy NYE traffic

Like any big holiday or festivity that happens in Malaysia (especially Kuala Lumpur), there will one hundred per cent be a massive traffic jam around the city and other heavily populated areas on new year’s eve. Any Malaysian who has gone out to either go clubbing or watch fireworks up close at KLCC will know the stress of sitting through the NYE traffic even after the party is over. This year, save yourself from stress and an unnecessary petrol bill by celebrating at home.


2. Save money by cooking a special NYE dinner at home 

Every time the festive season comes around, every restaurant will be offering some sort of expensive ‘dinner package’. Instead of taking your date out for a new year’s eve dinner, you can make it even more special (and cost-friendly) by cooking something at home. If you’re not much of a cook, you can even do it together and spend some quality time with each other while you’re at it! Also, think of the traffic you’ll have go through if you’re eating out on new year’s eve. You’ll both be hangry by the time you get there.


3. No unnecessary spending on NYE party outfits

Since clubs and other entertainment outlets aren’t allowed to open, there sadly won’t be any big parties or events happening this year. But looking on the bright side, you won’t have to spend so much on the perfect party outfit. If you’re only doing a little private soiree at home with close friends, there’s really no pressure to out dress anyone right? Unless of course your crush is invited and you want to dress to impress. But why buy expensive clothes when they’re coming off later anyway?


4. This is the chance to make your own fun at home with family and friends

For those who don’t see their family or old friends very often, this is the time you can meet and catch up at home with a small intimate gathering. You can pull out board games and have a game night or throw a simple dinner party while spending quality time with the people that matter to you.

New year’s eve is not all about dancing the night away at a crowded party. Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!


5. You won’t have to deal with massive crowds at clubs to party

On new year’s eve, if you’re partying at a club you’ll basically be standing in a super long queue to get in a place where you’ll only get 2 square inches to yourself even if you have a table booked. Having a little house party is much more pleasant since you won’t be shouting over excessively loud music just to have a conversation, and there won’t be any creeps bothering you or your friends.

You can also play your own choice of music and you won’t have to push through a sea of people just to get to the bar for drinks.

Speaking of parties, Heineken® has something special prepared for Malaysians who are looking to kick off the new year as usual.

A safe, SOP-compliant virtual countdown party featuring international Dutch DJ duo W&W!

That’s right, you can throw your own epic NYE party right in the safety and comforts of your own home! Catch this livestream performance at 8pm this 31st December on the Heineken® Malaysia Facebook page and don’t miss out on a memorable start to 2021!

You won’t be celebrating alone either, because Heineken® is throwing together a special event to connect everyone this new year’s eve.

And that’s by joining the longest virtual cheers EVER while you throw an epic party right at home!

Kick-off your 2021 with millions of other party-goers as you become part of Heineken’s® longest virtual cheers* this new year’s eve! You can do it alone or with friends as long as you can come up with the most creative and enthusiastic new year’s cheer (but follow SOPs okay?).

How do you be a part of this celebration you ask? It’s simple! All you have to do is:

  1. Grab a Heineken & record a virtual cheers video
  2. Post it on your social media pages and tag @HeinekenMYS (FB) & @heinekenmy (Instagram)
  3. In the caption, write your new year wish with the hashtag #CelebrateTheUsual
  4. Make sure to tag at least three friends to cheers with

The 30 most creative submissions will win a Heineken mini home bar to complete the NYE experience, while everyone else will get featured on the Heineken® Starclub NYE Live countdown party as we cheer our way into a brighter 2021!

The contest ends on 24 December 2020 so start practising your cheers now!

The kit will include all sorts of goodies, and let’s not forget the special livestream with international Dutch DJ duo W&W on the Heineken® Starclub NYE Live Countdown Party that will bring you the full new year’s eve party experience! Mark the event on your calendar right here!

Don’t wait any longer! Get your friends together and do your best and most creative new year cheer to have Heineken® at your epic house party this year-end!

*This contest is open to non-Muslims aged 21 and above ONLY. Please drink responsibly, follow SOPs and don’t drink and drive.

Source: @hendry_ng89
Source: beat.com.au

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