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[TEST] 5 New Changes in Malaysia that are Moving Us Towards the Future

5 New Changes in Malaysia that are Moving Us Towards the Future - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

60 years of independence has shown how much Malaysia has grown throughout the years. In terms of technological advancement, we can say that Malaysia is indeed developing at a stable pace. Fun fact: Did you know that Penang is named as Asia’s next Silicon Valley? Well, here are some changes that you may or may not have noticed in our homeland that are moving us towards the futuristic era.


1. Food retail outlets that run on technology

Cute dog cafes or aesthetic looking interior cafes not your thing? Get a glimpse into the future by checking out some unique and absolutely Instagrammable places that operate on advanced technology! From robot waiters and digital takeaway kiosks to e-concept convenience stores and automated restaurants, various kinds of creative food retail outlets can be found in Malaysia.

5 New Changes in Malaysia that are Moving Us Towards the Future - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
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2. Airport with facial recognition

Say goodbye to your boarding passes because AirAsia recently installed the Fast Airport Clearance Experience System (F.A.C.E.S), where passengers both local or foreign will just have to scan their face at the self-boarding gate to board their flight! Right now, it’s only available at the Senai International Airport in Johor Bahru but we’re sure it’ll soon take off and become the new passport everywhere! Get it, take off? Like a plane, no? Okay.


3. Ride-hailing services

Seriously, what better invention than e-hailing services like Grab or Uber! No more being stranded, especially at ulu places! Plus, Malaysians are graced by the presence of these apps to not get scammed by taxis anymore nor try hailing one on at the side of the road.

Plus, it serves as a great side income for students or retirees to earn those extra bucks!


4. Self-checkout counters

Every time we push our trolleys to the checkout counter, confirm lah there will be a long line ahead of us. What’s worse, there’s only so little counters open! Do you feel that frustration?

If you hadn’t known, some grocery stores have implemented a self checkout counter system. Simply head to the machine-automated counters to settle the few groceries you have in hand without the hassle of waiting. Time saving and great for those times when we need to rush.


5. Customisable mobile plans that YOU create to suit your needs

In case you haven’t heard, the first truly customisable mobile plan is finally in Malaysia. Yoodo allows users to take full control in creating the mobile plan of your dreams.

Choose your own data, call or SMS limit by simply gliding across the adjustable sliders via the Yoodo app!

Seriously. That means if you don’t use SMS or calls, you can just leave them at ZERO! No need pay extra wey!

4 New Changes in Malaysia that are Moving Us Towards the Future - WORLD OF BUZZ 9

The best part? No hidden charges, no gimmicks and no commitments!

If that wasn’t reason enough, here’s why so many Malaysians are raving about it:

  • it’s all 100% online!
  • FREE SIM card and FREE delivery to anywhere in Malaysia
  • Monthly automated plan renewal with the option to manually renew your plans too
  • No cancellation fees
  • confirm stable line with Yoodo riding on Celcom’s wide 4G and LTE network
  • FREE switch over and port-in from existing numbers, or choose a new number with your favourite 4-digit combination
  • Take your existing plans overseas with Yoodo’s Roam Like Home for only RM10/day, currently available across 12 countries in Southeast Asia with more coming soon
  • seamless online customer service via the Live Chat option on the Yoodo app
  • a Community Forum for users to open discussions to get the best out of your Yoodo experience!
4 New Changes in Malaysia that are Moving Us Towards the Future - WORLD OF BUZZ 7

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4 New Changes in Malaysia that are Moving Us Towards the Future - WORLD OF BUZZ 4


You can check out more on Yoodo and their awesome features here. Who doesn’t love a mobile plan that fits you perfectly? I’m sure Yoodo 😉

With so many innovations and great creations, we’re definitely excited to see what else the future brings soon. Too bad we don’t have a crystal ball to take a peek into the future. To all aspiring inventors out there, never ever give up and continue on surprising us with those amazeball creations! Remember: When there’s a will, there’s a way!

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