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Singapore Ranked No 1 In World For Street Food & Malaysia Didn’t Even Make It Into The List



Singapore WaRanked No 1 In World For Street Food & M'sian Didn't Even Make It Into The List - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Backpacking / Malay Mail

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Malaysians and Singaporeans have always quarrelled over food; oftentimes, we find ourselves debating over which nation’s food tastes better. Thanks to this rivalry, a recent article by an online publication, CEOWorld magazine, has caused the already heated debate to accelerate as they ranked Singapore’s street food No. 1 in the world. I beg your pardon…

Tripzilla said that the magazine decided to rank 50 cities around the world for their street food and based on their data gained from business travellers and corporate travel agents, and they decreed that Singapore is the best place for street food. Rigght, they are the best… sure thing, yep.

Malaysian Street Food (Penang) | Source: TripSavvy

What’s even more interesting is that Malaysia didn’t even make into the top 20 cities with the best street food! Don’t believe us? Why don’t you take a look at the list for yourself:

  1. Singapore 
  2. Bangkok, Thailand 
  3. Hong Kong 
  4. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 
  5. Mumbai, India 
  6. Rome, Italy 
  7. Tel Aviv, Isreal 
  8. Sydney, Australia
  9. New Mexico, Mexico
  10. Portland, US 
  11. Dubai, UAE 
  12. Chicago, US 
  13. Seoul, South Korea 
  14. Berlin, Germany 
  15. Paris, France 
  16. Istanbul, Turkey 
  17. Los Angeles, US 
  18. Palermo, Italy 
  19. Tokyo, Japan 
  20. New Orleans, US 

In fact, we didn’t even make into the list of cities with best street food. This audacious omission comes despite the FACT that we have one of the best street burgers in Asia. Case evidence 01: 


Of course, when such a controversial call has been made, you can bet that netizens have given their two-cents on the matter. As expected, many of them strongly disagreed with the ranking because they believe that Singapore does not have the best street food, and they questioned why didn’t Malaysia, at least, make into the list.

You can read their responses below:

Source: Facebook

Surprisingly, even Singaporeans don’t think that they have the best street food; as some of them went to the extent of questioning if they really have street food. Their comments are shown below:

Source: Facebook

One netizen pointed out that the publication should know the difference between street food and hawker centre food because it looks like the survey was based on hawker centres in Singapore.

Source: Facebook

He has a point, you know. 

Well, it looks like this debate will never end! What’s your take on this? Which city in the world do you think have the best street food? Let us know in the comments below! 


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