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Men from ‘Gang 17’ Tried to Scam Car Accident Victim Into Giving Duit Kopi



Men from 'Gang 17' Tried to Scam Car Accident Victim Into Giving Duit Kopi - WORLD OF BUZZ
Featured Image Source: The Star | For illustration purposes only

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A few days ago, one netizen posted on social media regarding his horrible experience with local gangsters who tried to con him after getting into a car accident. In the post, he mentioned that he was heading to Kota Damansara from Kepong when his car suddenly spun out of control and hit the dividers a couple of times, eventhough he was driving at around 30-4okm/h only.

After he got his car to stop spinning, a man (which the victim dubbed as ‘Mamat’) quickly appeared out of nowhere and started to circle his car. The Mamat even took pictures of his car and then handed him a name card while the victim was in the midst of his phone call with his mechanic inside the car.

When he got out of the car, he felt the road with his shoes and realised that 1/8 of the road was somewhat slippery. He suspected that someone must have deliberately sprayed some sort of grease on the road to plant the accident as it was only a light drizzle when the accident happened.

Not long after, the mysterious man offered him workshop and towing services, claiming that they were targeting the insurance sales. The victim kindly declined as he had everything under control. However, the mysterious man didn’t leave and even pulled out a walkie-talkie.

“While I was waiting for my friend to come by to lend a hand, friends of this mysterious man started appearing one by one. They all had walkie-talkies and the same 17 sticker on their vehicles.”

There were a total of 5 men. The most alarming part was when he noticed that they all had wooden softball/baseball bats with them.

Local Gangsters Tried To Con Driver Who Got Into An Accident - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Times Higher Education

When the victim’s tow truck arrived, he mentioned to his tow truck driver that these men on walkie-talkies wouldn’t budge and he went over to talk to them. Not long after, the tow truck driver came back and told the victim and his friend that if they ignore them and just towed the car away the men ‘tidak akan lepaskan’ them. One of the men then came over and told the victim’s friend that his men have been standing around for two hours and that they should give them “duit kopi” for their patience.

When the gangsters overheard the victim being on the phone with the police, most of them left except the ‘Mamat’ from the beginning of the story. The police arrived around 15 minutes and had his details taken down.

However, it’s disturbing to know that these people can still get off the hook after prying and trying to bully and cheat others for money.

Take care guys! It’s outrageous the lengths of scammers nowadays, risking people’s life just to con their money! And this is by creating car accidents that we’re talking about! Also, think twice before jumping on an offer someone makes you.


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