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As a rule, you shouldn’t do something to the detriment of other people for the sake of a joke. And in a time such as the ones we all live in now, we should be focused on lending each other a hand to make sure we all get to make it through these rather bleak times.

However, it is apparent that not everyone thinks the same, given what had transpired to netizen Ivan Tzx.

Source: Ivan Tzx Facebook

Working as a food delivery rider in Singapore, Ivan recently shared his experience of falling prey to a prankster, who thought it would be a funny idea to order food and send it to a random address. But it doesn’t stop there. While ordering one or two meals would already cause a loss to the food outlet that prepares the food, these pranksters took it a step further:

They ordered 16 servings of noodles from the stall. That’s a lot of food going to waste, not to mention money down the drain!

As you can imagine, upon delivering the food to the address, Ivan found out that the owner of the premise had already been on the receiving end of these ridiculous ‘pranks’.

Source: Ivan Tzx Facebook

It got so bad, they even had to put up a notice telling any delivery riders attempting to reach the inhabitants inside that they did not order anything from them.

“To delivery men, please note that we do not order on-line parcels, we have not ordered any food or other things.” the note read.

As you can imagine, this caused both Ivan and the hawker stall to lose money. Ivan lost out on his delivery fee, while the hawker stall that prepared the 16 bowls of noodles had to bear the cost of them as they didn’t get paid, given the fact that a ‘cash on delivery’ option was selected through the food delivery app. Ivan has since lodged a police report over the matter.

Source: Ivan Tzx Facebook

It is worth remembering that regardless of wherever we are, we should have the decent courtesy of respecting all our frontline workers who continue to work hard to make life bearable for all of us right now, whether it be food delivery riders, hawker stall proprietors, or medical authorities.

We hope that this matter will be resolved soon, and that those accountable will be held liable for their actions.

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