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Abang McD in Kelantan Goes Above & Beyond For Sick Customer By Buying Panadol



Abang McDelivery in Kelantan Goes Above and Beyond His Job To Fulfill Customer's Request By Buying Panadol - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Source: Wanista & Twitter

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When we are sick we usually crave for comfort food to feel better. Porridges are among the most sought out dishes when people fall sick, for pretty obvious reason! Who doesn’t love a tummy full of warm porridge when they’re feeling down? So, this guy ordered porridge from McDonald’s for delivery.

Wan Amirul added a special request to his McDelivery order, asking the McDelivery person to buy some Panadol for him and saying that he would pay him later in the ‘Special Instructions’ portion of his order.

Source: Twitter

The delivery person did not disappoint.

Source: Twitter

The delivery man actually bought the Panadol that Wan Amirul requested and delivered it to him along with his order.

Touched by the delivery person’s kindness, Wan Amirul took to Twitter to share his gratitude.

Source: Twitter

“I hope the McDelivery bro has a blessed livelihood,” he said in his tweet.

Looks like netizens were amazed at the McDelivery guy’s dedication and kindness because Wan Amirul’s tweet went absolutely viral.

The tweet was posted on 12th August (Monday) and it blew up with over 28.2K retweets so far.

“I appreciate his help and I’m grateful that he went beyond his job,” Wan Amirul told Harian Metro.

He said that he was alone at home in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, with a fever and he had no medicines. So, he thought he would just try his luck!

“I just tried asking for help. I didn’t expect the delivery person to actually buy the Panadol and deliver it with my order.”

“Honestly, I was really touched by his kindness. I thanked him and gave him a bit of extra cash as a sign of thanks,” he added.

Netizens were incredibly impressed by the McDelivery guy’s kindness and a lot of them shared their thoughts.

Source: Twitter

“It’s not easy to find strangers who would help us. This abang McD is really kind,” a Twitter user said.

Source: Twitter

“Hopefully the delivery person will be blessed in all his endeavours,” another netizen shared.

It’s awesome to see people go beyond their jobs to help others. Kudos to the Abang McDelivery for helping a human in need! Stories like these warm the heart and the world can definitely use more kindness right now.


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