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[TEST] “It’s so bitter!” 7 Struggles That All M’sians Who Aren’t Heavy Drinkers Will Definitely Understand

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“Wait, you’re not drinking?” *dramatic silence*

If you’re someone who willingly chooses to consume alcohol lightly, then we’re sure you’ve faced the above situation more than once. In fact, you have probably gotten used to getting weird stares or having to answer 2,384,751 questions about why you’re not drinking. Thus, on behalf of all of you out there, we’ve compiled some of the common struggles that Malaysians who aren’t heavy drinkers would confirm know all too well!


1. You’re tired of having to explain over and over again why you don’t drink

Every time you meet someone new and tell them you don’t drink, people stare at you like you have two heads. And you have to justify over and over again why you decide not to drink as if it’s the most bizarre thing on earth.

Tenor 2


2. Everyone gets shocked when you do drink & you don’t get the Asian flush


And when you do decide to take a sip or two, your friends will make such a big deal over it and start to question everything, “Will you be okay ah? Can you handle it?” Especially if you don’t get the typical Asian flush when you drink or if you don’t actually go crazy like some of them.


3. People would automatically assume you’re no fun to hang out with

Just because you don’t drink, people would then assume that you’re not a ‘fun’ person or that you don’t actually enjoy going to these events. They’ll also become much more cautious about inviting you to hang out which will only trigger your FOMO instincts!

Istockphoto 1225612127 612X612.jpg 1

Hello, just because I don’t drink does not mean I want to miss out on hanging out okay. Give chance lah!


4. Two words synonymous with you: Designated Driver

Another thing that your friends will owe you is for being the designated driver for every one of your get-together sessions. You probably don’t like being the DD, but your friends will always automatically assume that you are the DD. This is also the only time they’ll actually appreciate your non-drinking habit!

Tenor 3

Yup, this is definitely how it feels like.


5. …Which also means you’ll have to pay for parking fees and petrol

Because we all know your friends will never remember to pay you back even if they said they would.

013963948.jpg 1

As the designated driver, it also means you would have to spend hours searching for a parking spot only to give up and head to those RM8 per-entry parking lots. Otherwise, if you want to be ‘economical’, you’d settle for parking at the nearest housing area instead and make the geng walk 20 minutes to the bar.

At this rate, should have just hired a Grab driver. 😤


6. Your friends will entrust all of their belongings to you

Istockphoto 1134336119

Another responsibility that comes with being the driver is that your friends will ask you to guard all of their valuable items. This is mainly because they know that you will be the most alert among all of them throughout the night. Unfortunately, this means you’d have to entertain questions like “Bro, I gave you my wallet  already, right?” All. Night. Long.


7. You don’t understand how your friends can enjoy drinking hard liquor 

One of the main reasons you’re not a heavy drinker is that you probably cannot stand the taste of hard liquor. So when you see your friends drink so many glasses of them, you’re probably staring at them like:

Tenor 7

If this is the reason you choose not to drink, maybe you can try out some lighter drinks that won’t be as hard to handle. Plus, there are various lighter beverage options you can find in the market now which are more pleasant to drink. Speaking of which, we’ve got just the drink for you…

Introducing Edelweiss, a new premium wheat beer that is so refreshing, you can Feel The Alps with every sip!


Originating from the Alps of Austria, Edelweiss has kept its traditional all-natural recipe made from the finest ingredients like alpine water and special mountain herbs. With only 4.9% ABV, the smooth taste is not only easy to drink, but also gives a subtle fruity aftertaste. Sounds tempting, right? 😋



Who cares if the Alps is 10,000km away? With just one sip of Edelweiss, you’ll feel like you’re breathing in the fresh mountain air in no time. You can literally Feel The Alps in the comfort of your own home, guys!

If you’re interested to try it, you’ll be glad to know that Edelweiss is now available to purchase in Peninsular Malaysia! Not only that, but they are also having an ongoing promotion in hyper and supermarkets from now until 30th June where you can check out these interesting deals:

  • Get a 4-pack of 330ml cans at only RM32.50.
  • You can also get a 24-pack bundle for only RM185.

Apart from the places mentioned above, you can also purchase Edelweiss from convenience stores or have it delivered straight to your doorstep by ordering from Drinkies!

It’s super convenient, guys. Just sit back, relax and enjoy! 🥂

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be non-Muslim over the age of 21 years old to enjoy Edelweiss and remember to always consume responsibly, okay! For more information on Edelweiss, simply visit their website or you can also purchase Edelweiss online through Drinkies.


Do you have any other struggles of being a non-heavy drinker? Share with us below!

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